How to Take Screenshot on Nokia X

Take Screenshot in nokia X Android

This tutorial will guide you to take a screenshot in Nokia X Android smartphone. Nokia X is the latest Android Smartphone from Nokia. However before this, The mobile manufacturer only focused on low range mobiles and Windows phones. Taking Screenshot is really helpful to save the page for future use. This is very useful when you break […]

HTC turns its Focus to Cheaper Devices

HTC turns its Focus to Cheaper Devices

HTC is doing their business little bad right now. No matter how many great phones you release, if you can’t make a profit from it, then there is very little that a person can do to make things better. Even with the release of the HTC One, all of their efforts haven’t gone all that well. […]

Galaxy S4′s Black Edition and S4 Mini coming this month


The Galaxy S4 and S4 mini came out before this new trend started, so anyone that buys those handsets are getting “cheap” plastic backs. What is mobile biggest manufacturer Samsung to do? Release new versions of both phones, of course. Samsung’s Black Edition devices recently appeared online and were shown to have no hardware differences from […]

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 for Verizon


Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 had previously been mentioned, but until now, we haven’t had much information on it. The base device with no mobile radios will retail for $750 for the 32GB model, so once you add LTE radios into that price, this tablet could be launching at $900 or more. […]

Life Times by Samsung logs your life app debut on upcoming phones


Screenshots of a new app exclusively by Samsung have been leaked, and it looks intriguing. This is called Life Times, and it’s meant to chronicle your experiences by logging important information in your day to day life. To do this, it draws information from a plethora of sources. Just imagine the privacy-sensitive folks out there cringing. […]

15 Retail Stores by Phones4U to Open for Samsung in UK


The Korean Giant is apparently partnered with UK retailer Phones4U to open 15 stores across the nation sometime in the near future. The brick and mortar Samsung stores will be operated by and staffed by Phones4U employees, and have a focus on all things Samsung from Smartphones to Tablets, to Wearable tech like the Samsung […]